PCN Extended Access Patient Survey

To better understand the needs of local people we would be grateful for a few minutes of your time to take part in a survey to answer some questions about this service. The survey will help us to understand what currently works well and ideas about how we could improve our offer in the future.

PCN Extended Access Patient Survey
Are you aware that you are able to access healthcare appointments outside the usual opening hours of your GP surgery?
What outside usual opening hours does your answer apply to?
Would you like the current service at your GP surgery to continue?
What type of advice/treatment would you expect to access outside the usual opening hours of your GP surgery?
Would you like the flexibility of being able to choose to attend healthcare appointments at a time and place that suits you?
Have you been offered GP+ appointments by your GP surgery?
What support, if any, do you need to help you access healthcare appointments e.g., easy read, interpretation services, reasonable adjustments?
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about why enhanced access to GP surgery healthcare appointments would be helpful to you?